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Introducing Pause Innovation, the technological watch blog of 3IE, the IT Innovation Institute of EPITA

Since December, 3IE, the IT Innovation Institute of EPITA, has been publishing a blog. Called Pause Innovation, the blog offers insight into 3IE’s world and projects in addition to the latest digital trends, in particular with regard to technology and graphics.


For 3IE, creating a blog was a natural step. “As an innovation laboratory, we are already keeping a close watch as part of our innovative projects“, explains Stéphane Garnier, head of 3IE. “This means that team members have long been sharing articles that they have written themselves. The logical step was to acknowledge that sharing information would be promoted through a shared blog that would also act as a communications platform for our projects”. Pause Innovation was the result, a blog which boasts at least two new articles per week on the latest 3IE news and trends to monitor. “These new articles are penned by our teams or are external articles that we deem relevant”, continues Stéphane Garnier.

“The idea really is to involve 3IE as a whole – management, project managers, graphic designers, interns and students -and to highlight the entire range of skills”. Readers can view three article categories in addition to the section dedicated to the laboratory’s internal projects: La Créa (to find out all about graphic design innovations), Pause Technique (for techno addicts) and Tendances Web (to follow the latest on-line business news). The site will also follow EPITA students to offer a better understanding of how 3IE operates, its news and to share its technological expertise.

Find out more about 3IE on its website, Facebook and Twitter.

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