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EPITA’s 30 years birthday ceremony

It has been 30 years since EPITA’s inauguration. 30 years the school consecrated to the learning of computer science of its students. 30 years after, in the very special and prestigious Pavillon Cambon the school celebrated its anniversary with an unforgettable evening with 650 guests on the 14th of November!

“This anniversary is a huge moment with a big emotion. It permits us to make the point, to go back in time to consider all accomplished things and to realize that there are so many things to do! We just could be enthusiastic, keep faith and still want to create as we always did these last years.” – explained Joel Courtois, managing Director of EPITA.

The gala began over a first phase by a projection of videos, amongst them one showed international students’ wishing EPITA’s birthday in their own language and former pupils progressing around the world. The video clip honored all the characters that contributed and still contributes for EPITA graduate school of computer science.

Along with Mr. Joel Courtois, Mr. Marc Sellam and Mr. Fabrice Bardèche, respectively the CEO and executive vice president of the IONIS group, joined the remarkable event and showcased the evolution of the school.

This ceremony was also a memorable occasion to flash an emotional tribute to late Jerome Lohez, victim of the terrorist attack at the world trade center in 2001. After this tragedy his wife created the foundation named ‘Lohez 9/11’ to promote educational and cultural exchanges between the United States, France and China”. A supportive donation of 7 000€ collected by the school was handed over to the association by the director and the vice president jointly, to acknowledge the work of ‘Lohez 9/11’. Two other associations ‘Cent Pour Sang La Vie’ and ‘l’Association Française du Syndrome d’Ondine’ were also supported and received 3 500 € each.


After acknowledgement and several presentations, a few surprises were unmasked before inaugurating the champagne and the celebration party. Among those the most noticeable one was the change in the traditional logo by a new and innovative one with a fascinating and eye catching design. Then night was concluded with cocktail dinner and the ball room, with music and dance, where everyone created new, and shared their old memories and participated in different activities!


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