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Could you please present yourself and Talk about you work in South Korea?

I’m Philippe Meunier, professor of computer science at EWHA Womans University in South Korea. I’ve been working in this University since past 5 years.

I studied in Engineering School at Paris Tec Telecom, Engineering School in Paris. I went to the United States in Texas afterwards and I earned my master degree from the Houston University followed by a doctorate in Boston. EWHA University is a private school and based in Seoul with 15 000 undergraduate and 5 000 graduate students.


Since when have you attending the summer school at EPITA?
Actually, this is the third time that EWHA Womans University proposed the summer school program to our students and each year, there are volunteers, what is good news for us and for EPITA. As I’m French and lived in France in the past, it’s always a pleasure to escort the students.

What do you think about this system of Summer School?

I think that is a great opportunity to the student, to learn and visit a new country through the summer program. By the way, it’s a huge chance for them to learn in a French system education system and to know the differences between the Korean educational system and the French one.

It allowed our student to be overcome shyness, ask questions and participate verbally during the course, which is not the case in South Korea, as the students are very polite towards the teachers and the others students. By the way, EWHA university help the Korean student to finance the amount of 1000€ per students regarding the summer school in France.
This system permits to the students from the different majors or years to know more each other and to have new acquaintances.

Are you satisfied about the service proposed by EPITA?

Actually, more we progress and more I’ m satisfied with the service. This year, everything was good, we didn’t have any problems with the computers, all the materials worked fine, and the classroom could directly address the aim of the courses. In fact, we didn’t meet any problem, the meals were very good, the accommodation was clean and near the school. All the cultural activities were planned in advance and the buddies Aurélien and Hadi were very helpful, especially with the student during the visits in Paris, a special thanks to them.

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