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Jungwon Hyun and Yebin Yoon, two students enrolled at EHWA Womans University in the major of Computer and science in South Korea wanted to get more experience in the domain of the IT and in cultural diversity in order to have the possibility to work in other countries. Meanwhile, Yebin Yoon has one year experience of studying in the United States and successfully obtained her degree based on her individual study.

Both the students of 22 years old participated at the Summer School 2014 at EPITA for a period of two weeks (From Tuesday 15t of July to Friday 25th of July). They gave us a testimonial of their time shared with us at EPITA in PARIS.

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What did you think about the summer School at EPITA?

“It was really nice to be here at EPITA, we note that there is a difference between Korean Education and French Education. In France, classroom are smaller than Korea, so us the students are less shy and can ask for question and the teachers are more implicated with each of us. In South Korea, it’s really different as we are more than 50 students per class, we are very polite towards other students and the teacher… Asking questions are little bit misperceived. Having courses in a smaller classroom was important for us, because, we were able to practice the theory directly after the lessons.”

“These 2 weeks passed, were very friendly. We met French people, the management and the buddies were great! We found that the rhythm was hard, as the classes begun at 9AM and lasted until 4PM but then after we visit some monuments in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Champs-Elysées…Which allowed us to relax. It was also the occasion for us to meet the others Korean students, because in Korea we are not all in the same class/year, so it was the chance to know each other and to enjoy.”

What is your feedback regarding the environment and the French Culture?

“Paris is a beautiful city and we found it really clean. The monuments are wonderful… the only point where we were disappointed was when our classmate lost her phone and someone stole it, we are not used to face problem like this one in South Korea, but finally we got back the phone, hich was the most important fact.”

“Concerning French food, it was nice to try typical meals but as we are not habituated, it was hard to just eat French food and it was better when we had mixed food, even if the meals were very tasty.”

EPITA and the International department were very happy to host you and it was a pleasure to meet all of you! We wish you the best in for your future and hope to see you soon.

Regards, From Paris!

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