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Nitish Bhole is a former student from EPITA; who has obtained successfully his International Master Degree in Science and Technology (Specialization Software Engineering) in the year of 2013. He found a permanent job in Luxembourg and is staying there itself. We’d like to thank Nitish for sharing his experience with us.

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How did you heard about the job?

“I was searching on the internet for jobs after completing my Internship, I heard about the job from, where I attached my CV and applied for it”.

How was the interview?

“Atos, is a highly reputed enterprise in the quality of services they offer and it’s one of the technical giant as well. The interview process consisted of several steps, it started from a rigorous round of technical interviews (2), and the 3rd round of HR interview”.

Why did you choose ATOS and to stay in Luxembourg?

“The job profile that I am currently in is very challenging and perfectly suited my ambitions and career goals, plus Atos being a reputed organization in IT services, further led to my decision of choosing this company”

“I decided to stay in Luxembourg due to various factors like a small country like it has a lot to offer, culturally diverse, and personally I always love to explore new geographies”.

What skills have you developed at EPITA for your job?

“A lot of skills from management of projects to technical lessons that I had in Epita contributes today in my day to day work life, from technical to management activities at ATOS, I got a very nice overview of major technologies at Epita. Furthermore, the constant practice of French language helped me to overcome the language barriers; this has added a great value to my personal profile”.

Do you like your work with ATOS? Does it represent the environment you wanted to work in?

“Yes, I love my work with ATOS, it’s a perfect career path for me, I am learning a lot of things in various sectors of my activities right from the day I started working. It’s a good environment as I am getting experience in both technical as well as in management fields. Working in payment sectors exposed me to a whole new dimension, in the field of computer science with new technologies and much more”.

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