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Launch of Moda Domani Institute

 IONIS Education Group, in partnership with the ISG, is announcing the launch of a new business school specialised in the new worlds of luxury goods, fashion and design: Moda Domani Institute.


A school with a difference, mixing strategy, creativity and digital technology

The school is based on a three-pronged approach:

  • Strategy: grasping the socio-cultural evolutions of consumers, mastering brand piloting, defining brand positioning, adapting to international challenges…
  • Creativity: analysing trends, developing creative boldness, investing oneself in projects, knowing all the components of the creative process…
  • Digital technology: understanding the importance of new digital tools and how they work (big data, cloud, CRM, online reputation, m-business…)

It stands out from mainstream business schools thanks to its specialised nature, its strong link with the areas it studies, its modern teaching methods, its international outlook and is truly a “passion incubator”.

A programme based on initiative and projects, in partnership with professionals

The first three years of the programme are broad and based on fundamental knowledge, projects, workshops (18 over the three-year period), international seminars (London and Milan) and experience in a partner university (USA, China, Italy, UK). This is followed by a specialised two-year course aimed at acquiring global skills and specific expertise in one of three fields: Fashion business and e-business, Luxury business and e-business and Design projects and innovation.

Working alongside professionals, who are closely involved in the course, helps students understand the daily lives of these experts and create a network. The school has a development committee, made up of around twenty professionals from these sectors: senior managers from major brands, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, artists, creative professionals, representatives from professional bodies, media specialists.

In addition, the school will welcome and support all the students’ projects, whether they are part of the curriculum, a personal initiative or developed as part of voluntary work: shows, collections, sites, start-ups, events, blogs.

A network, help to establish oneself and many prospects

The name of the school is a reference to Moda Domani, the annual competition for the creators of tomorrow, set up over 20 years ago by ISG and the eponymous student association. This choice symbolises the school’s historical commitment to the fields of luxury goods, fashion and design.

In addition to working closely with ISG, the school has already partnered up with SUP’Internet, the advanced school for Internet professions and e-artsup, the school for creative passion, both members of IONIS Education Group.

Students are offered broad professional prospects, with over 30 professions referenced, such as trend-spotter, event project manager, sales and network director, entrepreneur, brand store director, PR manager, digital merchandising expert…


Moda Domani Institute will welcome its first students in September 2014 in the ISG’s new premises rue Saint Marc in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, just a short walk away from the stores in faubourg Saint Honoré, place des Victoires, le Marais, major historical and trend-setting neighbourhoods, in perfect harmony with the school’s visions.

Marc Sellam, CEO of IONIS Education Group:
“The creation of Moda Domani Institute is a new experience for us. It is IONIS Education Group’s twentieth school and is both original and logical. Logical because its name and world have been part of ISG’s history for several years; original because it gives passionate students the chance to spend five years discovering these fields in a modern and thorough way. Moda Domani Institute aims at training tomorrow’s experts in luxury goods, fashion and design. Entrepreneurs at heart or future partners at prestigious brands, our students will have five years to acquire all the necessary know-how and develop their personality, thus turning their passion into a rich and intense career.” 

Marc Drillech, managing director of  IONIS Education Group:
We have built our curricula at Moda Domani Institute for students wishing to grasp and understand new technology, new markets, new uses, new trends, new patterns of consumption in the worlds of luxury goods, fashion and design. Personal projects, teamwork and passions will be encouraged. International outreach will be fundamental and digital technology omnipresent. We will be in constant touch with major companies in the fields, whether they are historical brands which made the reputation of Paris and France worldwide, new innovative actors (in particular on the Internet) or emerging trends such as the collaborative use of clothing storage space or m-business. The school is very much up to speed with the developments of these worlds.”



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