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StartUp42 v0.2

StartUp42, EPITA’s startup accelerator, launched its new incubation session a few weeks ago. In total, seven new projects will benefit for four months from the technical and professional resources offered by the accelerator in order to be able to present at the end a finalized product or application.

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Seven newcomers

Seven young companies were chosen this year: is a tool aimed at application developers wishing to assess the effectiveness of the different versions of their programs. It is based on comparative A/B testing and makes it possible to measure differences in a very simple manner.

Captain Contrat is a solution to create legal documents validated by attorneys at an affordable cost.

MassiveRand develops a random number generator to guarantee the security of any kind of online transaction.

My Private Social Network (MPSN) enables professionals, individuals and associations to quickly create a customized social network.

Untold Universe is a massively multiplayer video game in which each participant can act and build what they like.

Worldcraze is an international crowd-shopping system: a person travelling abroad will be able to bring back products to other people, for a small fee.

Xiko is a multilingual agency which analyses the content of various public conversations online. Its services are aimed at businesses wishing to set out an effective international monitoring strategy.

In the wake of v0.1

During the first incubation session, seven companies were created. Among them were Mobeye, which came third in the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup France and MotionLead, which started to develop internationally, in Europe and in the USA. As for Modizy, the company has just opened to the general public its social shopping marketplace for women. We wish the new incubated startups similar success.

StartUp42 is a startup accelerator created in 2013 in partnership with EPITA. It draws on EPITA’s technical and human resources and labs as well on the participation of a wide range of professionals and gives young entrepreneurs the chance to make their projects become a reality. StartUp42 is the first French accelerator to have joined the Global Accelerator Network

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