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On 21 October, as part of the “Parole d’Experts” (“listen to the experts”) day, EPITA welcomed representatives from Ysance, Talend and Google for a large-scale conference on big data. Students, graduates and entrepreneurs were able to learn about this new digital issue which opens up significant development opportunities in the years to come.

Big data, a trend which stems from the massification of data, is a general term that promises strong opportunities in the decade to come (in terms of human progress, economic growth, knowledge development). In concrete terms, big data is the huge volume of data produced by everyone (individuals, local authorities, administration, companies, State); this mass of information is so great that new tools are needed to handle and analyze it. This means that it would be possible to handle data on much larger scales than before, for issues related to health, environment, State organization, businesses…

To take up this digital challenge in the next few years, businesses working with big data need new tools (to mine, store – in the cloud – and analyze data), and therefore talented and skilled people in the field.


Big data has resulted in a radical IT paradigm shift regarding the way data is handled: scalability, synchronization and data mapping need to be envisaged on a larger scale. This clean break from former practices in the digital world has led to the creation of new professions: data mining, business dataware…

Romain Chaumais (vice managing director of Ysance), Fabrice Bonan (EPITA graduate 1996 and managing director of Talend) and Bastien Legras (cloud platform solution engineer at Google) then carried out a technical demonstration of various open source products offered by their companies.

The three companies and EPITA then signed a letter of intent. In the near future, each of the three partners will hold a conference on big data. This will be a chance for students to deepen their knowledge about this booming topic and to discover jobs with a great future.

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