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The International Master’s Research & Innovation Projects – Fall 2013

Three weeks ago, EPITA International Master’s Office has announced the kick-off of the Research & Innovation Projects of the current semester. The Research & Innovation Project of EPITA’s International Master’s program consists of developing an innovative project by a group of second-year master’s students (M2), over a period of two months, in collaboration with a company or a research laboratory.

The R&I projects for this semester will have a special flavor for 2 reasons. First of all there are 35 students who are divided in groups of five and the groups are a mix up between the International Master and the French students coming from the GITM (Global IT Management) specialization. As for the second reason, the students this time are competing to win the EIM Prize 2014, an award that was put in place to motivate the students and enhance the quality of the deliverables.

During the topic selection phase, the students had the chance to select 7 topics out of 20 ideas that were proposed by the professors and companies. The final distribution of topics came as follows:

  1. International Students Guide – Version III
  2. Orchestral conduction and Musical scores
  3. BIM (Building Information Modeling) – Energy performance
  4. Making a 3D scanner from a Kinect
  5. International Mobility Guide
  6. Fit to my size
  7. Business Card Automation and connection with a CRM system

Please follow our new to keep up to date on the progress of these projects. Another article will be published explaining the outcome of each project in detail.

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