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On the 25th of September 2013 EPITA’s international students have landed in Moisson, 90 KM from Paris, to kick off their integration week. More than 60 students coming from more than 15 countries have gathered in Base de Plein Air et de Loisirs to spend 2 nights and 3 days together. The aim was to help the student integrate within the French environment and to give them the chance to interact with each other, with the French students, and with students coming from the exchange and different international programs.

Integration Week 1.jpg

The students were divided into 6 groups. Each group was a mixture of different nationalities. Each group has elected a leader and selected a name from the IT domain and created a logo and a flag. The groups were in a competition mode during the 3 days. 

Integration Week 2.jpg

The students had the chance to experience many activities like: tennis, mini gulf, standup paddle, canoeing, Rafting, pedaling, in addition to the program that was prepared by EPITA’s international staff and the French students like the Big Game and the International Night.

Integration Week 3.jpg

Integration Week 4.jpgAt the end of the event, the winning group was announced and a here are samples of the echoes we received from our international students:

“Great integration week, well organized and made it a big success…”

“The integration week was a good opportunity for all to integrate with one another…”

“I really enjoyed this event. i wish to all new comers to have fun and excitement as we had. Thank you”

Integration Week 5.jpg

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