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In the pipeline for several months, the partnership agreement between EPITA and Taylor’s University, located in Subang Java on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), was signed in May. EPITA students (in particular second-year students) will be able to study at Taylor’s as of January 2014 as part of an exchange program.


A mind-blowing cultural experience and highly advanced studies

Taylor’s University is the fiftieth international higher education institute with which EPITA has signed a partnership and is a great opportunity for EPITA’s students to immerse themselves in a new country whilst pursuing high-quality education in line with their studies in France. With teaching methods based on the realities of the business world and high-tech IT specialities, in particular in the field of IT security and software engineering, Taylor’s University is set to be an attractive destination for students.
The new partnership will also be a great opportunity for students to embrace the richness of Malaysian culture. A major economic and trade hub since the early modern period, Malaysia has been subject to a range of influences (Chinese, Indian, Persian, Arab and British), which have led to a mind-blowing melting pot of cultures. The students will study and live in this unique cultural context, on a very modern campus located approximately 12 miles from downtown Kuala Lumpur, a world-class city with a very strong economy.

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