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La City on the podium of the best finance associations in France

DogFinance, a social and professional network specialized in finance, has updated its ranking of student finance associations in higher-education schools and universities. In this new edition, EPITA’s association La City has pulled itself up to the third place.


The young finance association La City, created in September 2012, has thus accomplished a major achievement by mounting the podium of the best finance associations in France within its first year of existence. Better still: in this ranking, La City is the first association to be linked to an engineering school. This success is largely attributable to the organization’s vitality and to the many meetings with quality speakers which La City endeavours to organize on a very regular basis. Dynamism was indeed one of the key parameters taken into account for the ranking.

The association is keeping its momentum, since a new conference was held on March 6. La City welcomed Houcem Hamza (EPITA 2008 year group), in charge of high-performance computing at ANEO (a partner of the association), who talked about high-performance computing, related professions and its application in finance.

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