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During the night of March 15, teams from various engineering schools (EPITA, Epitech, ESIEA, INTECH’Info, EISTI, EFREI and Telecom Sud Paris) competed in an ethical hacking challenge, the first interschool competition of its kind.

485981_556200371081449_588121911_n.jpgAbout a hundred students thus pitted their strength against one another, from 10pm to 7am, in a Capture The Flag (CTF) organized in the offices of STERIA, an IT Services group specialized in security issues. Competitors had to break the security barriers and pass different levels in order to win. Team LSE1 of the EPITA System Laboratory finished first in the competition. Its members were Clément Rouault (2014 year group, GISTRE), Benoît Zanotti (2014 year group, SCIA), Ivan Delalande (2014 year group, GISTRE), Franck Michea (2014 year group, GISTRE), Nicolas Hureau (2013 year group, GISTRE).

IMG_1468.JPGBeing very involved in the area of security, in particular via its System, Network and Security (SRS) major, EPITA regularly organizes events on the subject, as for example a day dedicated to cyberdefence on February 14, with the contribution of the Army, and the conference on data security on March 18.
•    The event was covered on TV by France 2 in its news programme on Saturday, March 16:
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