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Joël Courtois, General Manager of EPITA, is among the 100 people who contribute to the advancement of the digital field in France, according to the weekly magazine 01 Business & Technologies, in the “Institutional and Political” category.


In response to the Louis Gallois report, which evades the issue of the digital field in France (although this sector creates jobs and shows growth and innovation), 01 Business & Technologies has established a list of the 100 French personalities who make the country move forward in this area. Joël Courtois, General Manager of EPITA, features alongside Rafi Haladjian (pictured on the cover – an entrepreneur in a variety of businesses, co-founder of Violet, the company that created the Nabaztag, and contributor to TIC 2025, a book about ICT in 2025 published by EPITA), Fleur Pellerin (minister in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation and the digital economy) and Loïc Le Meur (organizer of LeWeb). Pedagogical innovation and matching the syllabus to business needs are the strengths of the EPITA graduate school, which “does not produce machines just capable of learning and repeating, but creative and innovative young engineers”.

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