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The Research & Innovation Projects of EPITA’s International Master’s program consists of developing an innovative project by a group of second year masters students, over a period of two months, in collaboration with a company or a research laboratory. Each team consists of 3 to 4 and is supervised by the representative of the company or research laboratory mentoring the project. The project is developed over a period of two full-time months equating to 240 hours per student.


The model of the Research & Innovation project is a win-win agreement between the students and the companies. The students will be exposed to the corporate environment and will have a chance to work on real projects and establish a “proof of concept”. The companies will be granted an opportunity to research ideas that normally they do not have the resources to achieve and to acquire an international point of view on their ideas and the technology they are using.


The projects ideas are suggested by the company or the research laboratory wishing to assess the possibility of introducing a new product or a new system. Once the ideas are accepted by the EPITA, the school provides students with the essential resources to develop the project. The project undergoes the following milestones:  selection of the topic, specification writing, client acceptance on the specifications, list the needed resources (hardware, software…) and schedule, design, development, and validation of the prototype, and finally the deliverables presentation.


Below is a snaphot of the R&IP that are executed so far:

– Green IT Simulator

– E-CRM a Solution That Can Think

– Auto-Adaptive System Control Platform

– EPITA International Master Students Digital Guide 

– SFR Cloud Computing Qualification Tool

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Research & Innovation Project

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