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Bodin (EPITA 2014) is a member of Unisson
, the electronic music association at EPITA, for a little more than three years. He has served as president since September 2011. Here is an interview of this student’s passion about music and lively desire to make his school vibrate with his association.

Unisson, what is it?

We are primarily here to make students discover different styles of electronic music. Huge hits such as David Guetta, LMFAO, Bob Sinclar and others, everyone knows them. We want to go further in our approach to discover a culture little known to the general public. House, electro, dubstep, drum’n’bass, trance, hardcore, hardtek … The gender diversity within the association is one of our
greatest strengths. One of the peculiarities of the association is also that our rehearsal room is a trailer. We are committed to it and do not let go since the creation of the association in 2003.




How do you share your tastes and techniques?

To quickly teach how to mix to beginners, we organize training sessions called “pools mix”. On these occasions, we use the knowledge that I have gathered from elders to form, at my turn, new members to the pleasure of mix and sound. Besides that, we discuss recent tracks that we have been enjoying and we want to also make people around us vibrate, by sharing our discoveries with them! We listen to our latest productions and ask some advice to elders so we can improve. It is rare, when it’s crowded, not to hear a punchy kick or a saturated and purring synth bass, inside the trailer when you come by.



Alexandre Bodin, mixing.

How is organized the association?

We are divided into four main areas: the center mix, dedicated to learning and technique development; scratch pole, about learning and perfecting techniques of scratching; pole production, which allows members to acquire some knowledge of computer assisted music and can create their own piece of music; the event center, organizing the parties, in partnership with various Students Association from IONIS GROUP  most of the time. Integration week-ends, sound systems, parties, Student’s Association elections … We have successfully managed more than a dozen events during the first semester, which is huge for an association whose members do not have much time!


Unisson at the International Party’s April 10,

What is your best memory?

One of the most important events organized by Unisson was undoubtedly Underground City, March 28, 2009, in the EPITA’s Under. I was just entering the association. The concept was simple: to make people discover the culture of underground electronic music. Almost all members were on stage this night, so the association can share with the crowd his musical universe. The atmosphere was highly charged, the audience seemed totally hooked! Victims of our success, we had to turn a lot of people away at the entrance, as the Under was packed. A project of Underground City II is in
the minds of many members of Unisson.


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