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International Experience @EPITA: Eunchang LEE’s Voice

Eunchang LEE studied at EPITA during the Winter 2012 semester as Exchange Student coming from our partner University UOS (University of Seoul, South Korea).  Interviewed on campus before concluding his study abroad, here is his look back.
1. Introduce yourself in a few words.
I’m Eun Chang Lee, from South Korea. My majors are Information Engineering & Business. After I majored I plan on working for three or four years, and then I want to do an MBA so I can become a CEO.
2. Why did you choose to pursue an exchange semester at EPITA?
Firstly because I want to have experience with other cultures, other languages. This is really important to me, and, when I will be doing my MBA, I will have to make a semester abroad again, so it’s good to have a first experience abroad before that.
3. If you could recommend a semester abroad at EPITA to a friend, colleague, family member or acquaintance, what keys aspects of your experience would you focus on?
There is a lot to see here, and France belongs to Western Europe so other countries are close. Knowing that, it’s easy to travel and discover other cultures. I think I would focus on that. 
In addition to that, you can learn a lot by choosing several programs, so even if I have already learnt some of the content, I believe that it will be very interesting for my friends.
4. What do you think of the content of the classes you took in EPITA? How has your relationship with the professors been? In your opinion, are they available for students?
Concerning the professors, I love that you can send them an email and they reply right away. It’s easy to have a conversation with them, classes are very interactive : the relationship with them is really good.
5. What do you enjoy the most in Paris?
There are a lot of museums and exhibitions in Paris, a lot of sights, like the Eiffel Tower; this is something I really enjoy. I also like to have drinks with friends, and Paris is a good place to hang out, even if it can be expensive and bars are not opened all night…
6. What are the main differences between your studies, the work environment, the way of life here in Epita Paris and your home university?
Firstly, timetables are not the same every week, it can vary a lot […]. The other main difference is that in Korea, there are very few international students. It’s the opposite here, there are many international students, so it’s really easy to chat with them, discover new cultures.
7. If Paris was an acronym, what would it stand for ?
Rough (Expensive)
Slow (Administration)
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