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PRI Project Episode 2: The Vianoveo Team

This summer our International Master Students are working on a challengingly exciting research & innovation project.  Jigar Thakkar’s interview published last week was the first episode of our 2-part series taking you on a tour of both student views & company perspectives.
Discover Hrishikesh Mejari from the Vianoveo Team with his reflections on the project!
1. Introduce yourself (academic background, and your role in your working team).
I’m Hrishikesh Mejari, I come from India where I had a Bachelor in Engineering, and now I’m majoring in Software Engineering for my International Master. I work as a developer on this project.
2. Which company do you work for? What is your project about, can you describe it? 
This project was brought to us by Vianoveo, which is an innovation company. This project is about developing a tool for companies, so they could easily manage and organize teams, plan the resources they are going to need and do market analysis.   It can be compared to Silverlight, which isn’t working on iOS platforms. Our goal here was to develop this kind of tool using HTML.5, Javascript and CSS3 mainly, so it can be used on every operating system and platform.
The Vianoveo @EPITA Team: Kiran PATIL, Hrishikesh MEJARI & Nitish BHOLE
4. How is your team organized? Who is working on what?
We are a team of three people, one of us is working on the documentation for the tool, so this project can be easily pursued in the future, and I’m one of the two developers in this team.
5. What do you like the most about this working experience?
What I like the most is that there are a lot of web technologies to learn, it takes time but it’s really worth it. In addition to this, we are working on a big scale project, and we had to think of all the aspects and realize every step of it: that’s a great experience.
6. Did you develop any specific skill (personal, work-related, etc.) during this project?  What have you gained/acquired during this project both professionally and humanely?
I wanted to learn HTML 5, and this project is mainly focused on this technology, so I’m making the most of it and I learn a lot. I also have to learn to use many other tech such as like jQuery, databases, how to use MVC, etc. I think it’s a really good thing, for the future, to have this kind of experience now.
7. How has the PRI enriched your academic experience at EPITA?
It has enriched my experience by adding a more “professional” aspect to the way I work. We had to learn more, to understand the exact needs of the company, to take it very seriously. We also had to conduct our own research, the information we use doesn’t come from course materials this time.
8. What impact (if any) does the PRI have on your professional orientation?
Firstly, the level and the expectations are higher, so in a professional way that’s very useful to have this kind of project now. It has confirmed the professional path I had in mind: working as a web developer. Now I can use this experience to value my skills.
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