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Spring Blood Donation Drive: A success

All schools that fall under the IONIS Education Group came together on March 21 to promote the generous and good citizen act of donating blood. Information booths, collections and conferences were held on various campuses of the group. The event entitled “Le Printemps du Sang” (Spring of Blood Donation) is a result of more than five years of collaboration between the IONIS Education Group and the French Blood Establishment, EFS.
The Villejuif Campus as well as the campus at Le Kremlin Bicêtre, each witnessed a contribution from 82 volunteers according to Dr. François Charpentier, physician at EFS and director of the collection. On the campus of Ivry-sur-Seine, 75 donors volunteered according to the team EFS.
Being a good citizen
Students from all schools of IONIS Education Group attended the day of rallying. “This is the fourth time I gave my blood. It costs nothing, it’s useful and important,” said Claire, a student at Epitech. For Corinne Bréchoire, events manager at EPITA, “donating blood is an important gesture for citizens for saving lives and for research. It thus brings a little something that can be a great thing. It’s a really nice thing to be able do so at one’s workplace.” Charles, a student at IPSA, adds: “organizing a blood donation camp on the IONIS campus is a very good idea, students do not hesitate to participate!”
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 A first time for some
For many students the participation in this event represented a debut in blood donation. This is the first time that Victor, a student from ESME Sudria, donated his blood and he is convinced that he would have “never taken the time to do it elsewhere if IONIS Education Group hadn’t come up with the idea of doing it here. This is a great idea!” Helen, a student at Sup’Biotech, had not donated blood before, “I know it can be useful and help people who really need it. I did not have the opportunity to do it earlier, so I spent no time in grabbing the opportunity now” she says. Quentin, a student at Ionis-STM, is pleased to have made this generous gesture and said he was very happy during the time spent with doctors.
The need for blood is felt throughout the year: please get in touch with EFS for dates and venues of future blood donation camps!
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