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24 Hours as Logica Telecom Project Manager

On May 10, under the project “Live My Job” sponsored by Logica, two students took part in this   opportunity to discover a practical profession, its specific characteristics and constraints.

Selected after responding to an online multiple choice questionaire about the company, two third-year students, Audric Pappalardo and Jean-François Picard (EPITA Class of 2014 ) were selected for the project  “Live My Job” proposed by this European enterprise in software services, consulting, systems integration and outsourcing.

The project “Live My Job,” spread over the first half of 2012. It provided an opportunity for 21 teams of students from different schools to spend a day with a part of Logica to better understand the reality of Business Project Managers, Consultants or Technical Architects.  In this experiment, a second challenge was offered to them to become ” Occupational Reporters” by creating the most buzz about their day within the trade.

An Immersive Dip
Audric Pappalardo and Jean-Francois Picard shadowed Jean-Christophe Picq, Project Manager in the Telecommunications Sector in Montpellier including a team strategy meeting at the customer’s office.  The two students met the team members (Tester, Developer, Analyst, etc) and discovered the different methodological phases:  “following a new request, the team receives functional specifications that are transcribed into technical specifications by Analysts. What follows is a development phase performed by Programmers. Finally, multiple tests (unit, integration and assembly) are performed before delivery” explained Mr. Picq to the students.

A Practical Approach
Both Epiteans returned delighted with their experience at Logica: “The most interesting moment of our day was the scenario of Project Manager”, Audric comments. “We were able to interview each member of his team, and discuss some difficulties of the trade and learn about their roles,” he pursued.  “Jean-Christophe Picq offered us a planning exercise in a real situation,” said Jean-Francois. “We had to organize a simplified schedule for the next draft. To do this we asked each person in the team to know their role, experience, desires and availability. The team has very kindly supplied us with sufficient information and we are proud to report  this schedule has proven to be fairly close to the one established by the Project Manager,” he concluded.

But this experience does not stop here. Competing with 20 other student teams selected to participate in the project “Live My Job,” for three weeks, students have sought to create a buzz by disseminating and communicating about their experiences via photos, mini-movies, Facebook pages or tweets. A party will be held soon at the head office of Logica in Paris, to allow different teams and sponsors to meet and to distinguish those who know how best to communicate on these business lines.

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