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The association Epibook collects and distributes books in junior highs and high schools that lack them.
Epibook works for the interest of sustainable development by giving new life to books that have more use than if remaining in boxes. The association was founded in 2011 by Mehdi Tsouli, its current president, currently in his Sophomore year.  Through its comitment, Epibook makes books live longer and fosters deeper interactions between generations.  Furthermore, this EPITA association allows disadvantaged children to have adequate access to relevant books.
Interview with Michael Selema (EPITA Class of 2013), his vice president.

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Why create Epibook? 
Literature has always been something very important to me. Since my childhood books fascinated me. As for Mehdi Tsouli, he finds great interest in Sociology & Philosophy. Wishing to share our passion, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity we have at EPITA to be encouraged to work for the community’s life while receiving coaching and support from the school. It is important that each student can receive all necessary means to learn the best way possible and discover the benefits of reading.   Knowledge is the basis for every college student sucess and we take this to heart.  We want to enable graduates to succeed as much as possible by providing access to books that will allow them to review for their exams under better conditions.
How does the association help you grow? 
With Epibook, I was able to leverage a number of my competencies and skills. I created our first website (now taken over by students we recruited) and with my knowledge of HTML / CSS, I am currently involved in its improvement. In addition, we have been operating for just over a year and organized book collections within the school but also through the help of partner organizations. My mother worked in a high school.  I have used her connections to harvest a large number of books (around 200). Finally it is important for the association to know how to “sell” our cause within junior highs & high schools. So I continually deepen my experience of human contact, particularly developed during the Open Days and Fairs I have attended since I started at EPITA.
What results are you proud of? 
The first thing of course is the initial creation of the association itself! We, with the current president Mehdi Tsouli, and later with some other members, created Epibook from A to Z. Up to date we have collected a lot of books (over 400!). It was one of our goals last year. We have also made agreements with partners, to ensure flexibility for the distribution of books.
What are your plans for the future? 
My plans for the association are to benefit as many children as possible of the books we have collected. I also aim to extend the activity of the association abroad, especially poor African countries. For this purpose, we developed our relationships with institutions such as the Paris City Council and the Embassy of Madagascar.
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