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Interview with Quentin Sanglier (EPITA Class of 2013), treasurer of the Association Air Radio.

Air-Radio is the web-radio of the IONIS campus in Kremlin Bicetre. It broadcasts several styles of music from its website and programs, live performances and podcasts on various topics ranging from computer news to commentarie on soccer & rugby games. Its members thrive to continually improve this meeting point for students, both through the media and technically. 
Quentin Boar (EPITA Promo 2013), its treasurer, gave us this interview on the association and its projects.
How is life at Air Radio?
The local association, which contains a large amount of computer hardware and sound, is a gathering point among all members, including office, as show hosts. When we find ourselves in the local association, talks about life in school subjects and information are rapidly forming at times to become future subjects. Indeed, each student can be part of the association, they can come and discuss or make a little passionnate address on a theme for our listeners.  Air Radio  offers a perfect way to express oneselfs and to share knowledge on what might interest other students.
We aim to reach a maximum of listeners and make sure to talk about various topics of interest to reach the largest student base. As we are a public radio Web-accessible by anyone from the site, we intend to promote other organizations and their events. Via the scheduling of  “advertising” messages in collaboration with other associations, we offer other students to participate in the life of the radio via broadcasting their jingles and their sponsors.
What skills do you use as part of this association?
Programming is a very useful tool in this association. We have several machines allowing us to work on the shows and especially a server that manages the their distribution. The program intervenes to make our job easier and to automate all that airs on the radio. An intranet allows us to easily manage playlists, replay broadcasts, different musical genres, etc..
Some operations are still done manually (eg broadcasting a specific music genre) but for this to become automatic, it’s only a matter of time: just a member of the radio handles the development of the application or script allowing automated functionality.

What are your plans for the association?

Thanks to programming skills acquired during our studies, we plan to automate the radio, and give as much listening time as possible to the listener. During programs, there is a chat available for listeners where they can participate and give their opinion during a live. We would like to give their speech, by attempting communication software on computer (eg Skype), to participate in the program.
Improved management of musical genres is being set up, allowing listeners to know the different time slots during which their favorite artists will be released. In addition, we intend to link a voting system that will allow them to interact much more with us in certain programs.
What was your latest biggest success?

he live program “Beatles vs. Rolling Stones” was undoubtedly the greatest achievement of the semester. We are fortunate to have associates in all genres of music, resulting in a large number of ideas and facilitate the organization of programs of Air-Radio. We intend to organize a special Radiohead soon and various commentaries lives of rugby games, soccer tournaments and even online games! In short, the radio is promising and we are quite confident about its future and the loyalty of our listeners.
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