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This day dedicated to the Apple universe will take place on the school campus Friday, June 1, from 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Organized by EpiMac, EPITA’s Mac student association, the event will alternate lectures and workshops for students and professionals alike.
On the IONIS Campus of Kremlin-Bicetre, this event will offer the opportunity of participating in multiple activities designed to help discover more and more Apple’s universe. You will have the opportunity to attend several conferences on various topics, equally addressing the developer , the user and the enthusiast’s scopes of interest. There will also be various booths available throughout the campus. 
On Apple Day both organizers and partners will be pleased to present their activities and to answer participants questions. Finally, you can sign-up in the afternoon for the training Objective-C. Whether you are learning from scratch or hold advanced  knowledge, the trainers will be happy to mentor you.
If you would like more details on this event, or already register, please visit the page devoted to it! To keep up to date on the Apple Day and any events EpiMac, follow the association’s progress live on Facebook and Twitter.
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