Laurent Letourmy (class of 1996): Multi-successful Entrepreneur

Interview with Laurent Letourmy (EPITA Promo 1996), manager and founder of several companies dedicated to the Internet.

Ysance, founded in 2005, is an IT consulting firm in ebusiness, cloud computing, data and big decision making. Novao, founded in 2007, develops and financse companies in the IT and social networks. IsCool Entertainment is the leading French social gaming. Wipolo, social companion and dedicated service by Facebook at the global launch of the Timeline in January 2012, was born in 2008. Milky, agency of record for brands in social media was born in 2012. These companies all have one thing in common: Laurence Letourmy (EPITA Promo 1996) was among their founders or leaders. Interview with a multi-contractor that chains successes.

Can you introduce yourself in a few lines?
I’m 38, I am married with four children. I am a computer enthusiast and developer since a very young age. I had one thing in mind: to do my job. EPITA allowed me to accomplish this dream by adding entrepreneurial spirit thanks to my meeting with Thibault Viort (EPITA, Promo 96), which I have been associated with for the last 15 years. We created our first two companies in 1996, performed two initial public offerings (IPO) in 10 years and now head the Novao Company, which employs a hundred people in the IT and social networks.
Why becoming an entrepreneur?
From the beginning of my career, I enjoyed myself so much on issues combining technologies and new uses. Moreover, it is still my passion. Periods of technological breakthroughs contribute to new production methods, transfer organizations and motivations. The creation or development of projects in the phases of disruption are fascinating. The challenge is everywhere and permanent …
How did your school prepare you for these challenges?
The richness of encounters, the organization of education, access to technical means, the density of topics and projects are a good preparation for what awaits us when we  EPITA alumni create companies. We do experience academic stress, which in itself is one of the best preparations …
How is the life of an entrepreneur?
You mean the quiet evenings, e-mails that never occur at midnight, hosted services that never send alerts, business plans that are always respected?  It is difficult to go over an hour without thinking about the business and it is not always smooth sailing, but the final balance family / personal / professional is essential. It’s one that I favor and which allows me to be ready for any situation.
How would you describe the performance or the success of your projects?
Our projects are entirely innovative. We measure their performance, not only turnover or results, but also the quality of teams and the strategic positioning of products or services in their market and relative to competition.
Which projects trends for your business?
Through Novao, my ambition with my associates and our strong financial partnerships (with OSEO) and educational, with the IONIS Education Group, to create the largest ecosystem in technologies and social media in five years. This takes place via strong organic growth at first, but also external and the creation of new activities. Novao is also preparing its presence in the Silicon Valley with a particular interest in Plizy, the latest project from Jonathan Benassaya, founder of Deezer.