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Semester Abroad: 2nd Year Epiteans on the Global GO!

International opportunities offered by the school are a source of enthusiasm and progress for students in preparatory classes (Year 1 & 2 of undergraduate studies at EPITA).

Students in the Class of 2015 just left. Indeed, at EPITA, during the second semester of second year, all students who wish can go and study abroad in diverse destinations within our partnerships network hence benefiting from specific foreign school and Erasmus programs. Students do not hide their enthusiasm.

The first evidence we collected came from Hervé Droit (EPITA Promo 2015) who has just arrived in Québec to study at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. The latter reports, “it’s cold but you get used to it very well, snow is everywhere, everyone seems suited to this lifestyle and it is rather exotic for us. On the courses level, it’s pretty quiet for now, the exams will start to happen – especially math – so we start the revisions. Regarding the general atmosphere, everything is different here. Attitudes are the opposite of Paris – no thefts, no one shuts his locker in the locker room, open cars – and people are very friendly, always willing to help. The French accent seems to appeal, despite the many clichés that exist – including that of the baguette and the beret. We try to make the most of local activities, snowshoeing, skidoo (snowmobile), and sled dogs. It will also attempt to go to Montreal and New York during Spring Break, after the exam week. “


View of Finland

But it is returning after completing the experience that students are better able to overcome first impressions and talk with greater perspective of their stay. Arthur Bosquette, third year student at EPITA, spent five months last year in Tampere, Finland, with the Erasmus program. He says: “I chose to go to Finland because of the exotic character of the country but also the reputation of Tampere University of Technology, under its Management, Information Technology and Programming . During these five months, I had to carry out written projects similar to those that I will achieve in my career.  I worked with students from many nationalities and explored the city and country. It is the most striking experience the most striking I have ever lived.”

For Joel Courtois, director of EPITA, “this experience is for students a considerable human enrichment not only helping them improve in English by immersing them in an English-speaking world, but also participates in their openness, their development adaptability and encourages them to achieve international careers.

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