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Fourth edition of the SRS Day

On 25 November, security professionals and students of the specialization “System, Network and Security” will talk about the sensitive subject of computer security.


The SRS Day, organized since 2007 at EPITA, is an event open to the public and aims to present the study of topics related to computer security.


The fourth edition is sponsored by the company Intrinsec – an expert in computer security and information systems. There will be six lectures delivered during the event – each presented by a group of students supervised by an industry professional.


The event will take place at the premises of EPITA on Friday, November 25th from 14:00 onwards.




Program of the day:


Crisis Management and Advanced Persistent Threat: Symptomatic of the professionalization of cybercrime, the Advanced Persistent Threat is a threat from an entity that has both the capacity and willingness to attack a specific target in order to extract information in the long term. Crisis management during such an attack is totally strategic.


iPhone Mobile Application Security: The market for iPhone applications is a new sector that is growing rapidly in recent years. In this context, various tools and techniques for the evaluation of these applications will be presented. The consequences of a malicious application will be studied under different scenarios.


Security and IT Consumerization: The increasing porosity between the information systems (IS), business and personal devices, called Consumerization of IT, is an issue of growing importance for managers of Information Systems. The purpose of the study is to propose some answers facing the dilemma between security and freedom of the users with respect to the current market offerings.


Database Security: The databases have completely changed the way companies manage information. But security issues related to this phenomenon is all too rarely mastered. After studying the different vulnerabilities, preventive measures will be highlighted to implement defensive measures using case studies.


IPV6 Security – Secure Architecture: IPv6 is back in an active phase of deployment, while the various security issues related to this protocol are still poorly understood. Attacks and prevention methods that can now be implemented for IPv6 will be addressed by understanding several scenarios.


ITES Dashboard: The dashboard “Information System Security” (SSI) is a tool allowing businesses to have a synthetic view of the security situation at different levels, especially decision-making and operational. The methods of preparing such a table will be studied to eventually determine its importance in a concrete case.


Round Table “View on the year 2011 – New Challenges and Prospects of 2012.” The round table will compare the views of security professionals belonging to the companies like GDF Suez, Areva, Alstom and Intrinsec.

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