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Returning from ERASMUS

Thierry ROBERT.jpgReturning from Spain, Thierry Robert offers us his memories from his ERASMUS semester…


“I joined EPITA, after my high school graduation, to follow the 5-year curriculum. At the end of my third year of studies at EPITA, I entered the GISTR major to focus my studies on embedded and real time systems. Then I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus mobility in Spain before my final internship. I chose to do that, because I wanted to find an internship in Spain and the Erasmus exchange program was a good way to prepare myself.


I went for 5 months to San Sebastian, one of the three campuses of the University of the Basque Country. I lived there with local students as roommates, which allowed me to practice the Spanish language every day, to learn informal ways of speaking and to learn more about the Basque culture.


I also got in touch with a lot of Erasmus students from various countries, which has been a great occasion to discuss about our cultures. I met Germans, Austrians, Americans, Mexicans, Italians, Portuguese, Brazilians, etc. And we all became very good friends!


I followed classes from the third year study program. There are a lot of interesting courses mostly among the optional ones. In my opinion the general level of the courses is excellent, especially among the theoretical ones. But in the two practical courses that I chose, the teachers used to give much more time than at EPITA.


In addition to this, I followed the Spanish language course. It was really interesting because the university creates level groups and because almost all the Erasmus students of the campus were attending it.

Finally, I can say that I will never regret anything I have lived during my Erasmus mobility. It has been rich of experiences and cultural exchanges.”

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