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Alumni Voice: An Interview with Rabih Haddad

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Leading an active and brilliant career, now alumn, Rabih Haddad took the time to reflect upon his graduate experience at EPITA:


1. Introduce yourself in a few words.

I come from Lebanon and I hold a master degree in Electrical Engineering. I arrived to Paris 2 years ago to join the International Master’s Program and obtain another master in Information Systems Management after 9 years of professional experience in Project and Product management.


2. Why did you choose to pursue an International Master at EPITA?

I joined the IM at EPITA because I was searching for School that provides an international profile with a market related curriculum and high ranking in the French graduate schools. I found the academic curriculum of the IM highly correlated with IT market needs especially in France. Cross-Border Management, BI, CRM, ERP, SCM, KM, … are good examples of this curriculum.


3. Describe your experience at EPITA as a graduate student in the International Master.

The alignment between the market needs and the proposed program serves as a career booster for every graduate. In addition to leading the academic courses in a very trendy way, the school provided us with several multinational extra-curricular activities. These activities enhanced our multicultural management and exposed us to the French way of living. Also, EPITA warm welcoming for International students eases the integration in the French community.


4. What strengths have you gained during your studies in Paris?

During my stay in Paris I have acquired strengths in various directions. EPITA has provided a robust academic backbone and my internship in Paris delivered a colored professional experience. Needles to mention the cultural exposure that any person will gain by just living in the ‘city of lights’.


5. In your experience, what opportunities are available for EPITA students and graduates?

Besides the academics, EPITA students have access on campus to many facilities. There are more than 20 clubs and associations that help the students built their extra-curricular skills and allow them to interact with students from other faculties. In addition, EPITA organizes enterprise forums twice per year for the students to either find internship or an employment.


6. If you could recommend EPITA’s International Master to a friend, colleague, family member or acquaintance, what keys aspects of your experience would you focus on?

I would say: IT market oriented curriculum, international profile, high ranked among the French graduate schools, up to date technology and computer labs, warm welcome as feeling like you are at home…

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