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The third annual conference devoted to new technologies and sustainable development will take place October 20, 2011 at EPITA.


To survive, humanity must divide its current ecological footprint by four by the year 2050.  Only the creative eco-innovation will make this ambitious goal achievable.  What is a creative eco-innovation? What is its relationship to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?  Why is its ability to support major changes in behavior a key element to achieve the objectives of sustainable development? What are the characteristics common to all creative eco-innovations?  Is it necessary to be aware of their rebound effects?  Discover the innovations that will change your life in 5 years.


During this third edition of the Green IT Conference, several speakers will deliver their speeches in the afternoon, prior to hosting their round table from 1:30 to 7:00pm. There will be entrepreneurs from the high-tech industry, software publishers, journalists, and specialists in new technologies.


The event will conclude with a cocktail – the opportunity for participants to meet with stakeholders and discuss their experiences.




All about Green IT


EPITA has already organized two Green IT events – in 2009 and 2010.  The first was on the theme of “Green IT 1.0 / Green for IT” and the second on “Software at the Service of Sustainable Development.”  A third event dedicated to Green IT is going to be held in the afternoon of 20 October, 2011 on EPITA’s le Kremlin Bicêtre campus, on the theme of creative eco-innovations.


The objective of this third edition is to introduce the concept of creative eco-innovation through concrete examples. The speakers will, if possible, do a demonstration of their technology (with a few minutes of video).


All interventions focus on the creative eco-innovation, i.e. the innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of humanity by promoting behavioral change.  The two main ideas are “re-pooling” of goods and services (carpooling, cloud computing, etc…) and “management by exception” (precision farming, smart city, route optimization, etc.).


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