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The 23rd awards graduation ceremony of EPITA was held on Saturday June 18, 2011.

Joël Courtois, Director of the school, presented degree awards to the 2010 cohort, in the presence of Mark Sellam and Fabrice Bardèche, president and vice president (respectively) of the IONIS Education Group. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail served in the lounge of UNESCO headquarters.


One academic year and three degrees

Joël Courtois highlighted two new features compared to previous academic years. It is indeed the first time when the school will award a Degree in Engineering through Apprenticeship along with the Degree in Engineering, as well as an International Master Degree validating a program taught entirely in English.


The school director also reminded graduates that they were lucky to have a trade so close to the issue of resource management, which is fundamental for the future. This trade is not only useful in all domains but also opens doors in all countries and all types of businesses.


Group memories & common projects

Pascale Dumas, vice president of HP, the sponsor of the 2010 class, was invited by Frédéric Fourdrinier, head of the health sector development at HP, and head of the “Information Systems and Software Engineering” ( LMIS) department of the school. The latter expressed his pride and confidence in these students who are a part of the Generation Y, and believes that they have “class, values and capabilities to meet the greatest technological challenges of the years to come.”


Frank Leleu (EPITA 1992), consultant at ON-X and president of the Alumni Association, initiated these new entrants into the alumni community of the school and invited them to get involved in this group already counting 5600 members operating in more than 2000 companies. He also urged graduates to proudly represent the colors of their school, to increase projects and ideas in business, and to invest in the construction and consolidation of their network.



Cécile Stavaux, 2010 graduate, presented the Yearbook – aiming at bringing together former students of the academic year 2010 to celebrate about their memories.  It was created by a leading group of students with assistance of their peers, teachers, members of the administration and the cohort sponsor, Pascale Dumas.


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