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Focus on Finland

Arthur Bosquette , InfoSPE student at EPITA, has spent five months in Tampere, Finland, with the Erasmus program. He had a great time abroad…

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I joined EPITA two years ago and I’m now near the end of my second year. During the second semester of InfoSpe, students have the possibility to go abroad for studying. Thus, a lot of different destinations are available such as Ireland, South Africa, etc, where universities have partnerships with EPITA. But EPITA also gives the possibility to go on an ERASMUS semester, with universities all around Europe.

 After a lot of thought, I grabbed the opportunity and decided to apply for an ERASMUS semester, which I found a lot more attractive because only a few French students would be there and I would really improve my English by not speaking French. I applied for a semester in Finland, but why Finland? Because this was the most “exotic” country on the list, with habits totally different from what I’m used to in many aspects: way of living, climate, and mentality. But also because Tampere University of Technology is one of the most famous in Finland, with a great curriculum that offers global courses about management, information technology and programming.

During my five-month stay, I had to do a lot of written projects similar to documents that I will need to do in my future professional life. Thus, I had to study as if I was in a little company whose employees were the students I’ve been working with. I worked with many students from all over the world, which made me discover many cultures, ways of living and new friends.

 During this Nordic trip, I had the chance to discover a lot of new cities thanks to the incredible location of Tampere. But Tampere remains the best such as it is mainly a student city (more than 60 000 students for 200 000 inhabitants) and all the social life around it.

 This experience was the best of my life, and I wouldn’t hesitate one second to advise you to go there. But, you have to be aware that the weather is cold, days are short and the winter is long.


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