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François Girardot and Louis-André Salban are ING3 students and left EPITA with the Erasmus program for a semester of studies at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Now they will start their final internship…


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We both joined EPITA in ING1 in 2008. In our ING2-year we chose GISTR and SRS as specializations. Then we wanted to enjoy the opportunity offered by the school to go abroad for a semester and discover a new country and its culture.

The Netherlands is a top-grade destination to practise English, as a large majority of inhabitants, and especially students are fluent in that language. Furthermore no foreign audiovisual production is dubbed in Dutch, only subtitled.


Utrecht University is one of the oldest and most highly recognized universities in Europe and so is its level of education.  The city in itself is the fourth largest city in The Netherlands; it is very dynamic, young, thanks to the huge number of students. It also possesses a number of historical buildings and cultural history. The university offers a master’s degree in business informatics that we wanted to join. This master program reinforces and completes the business aspects of the EPITA diploma. The only shadow in this amazing experience is that we had to deal with some lectures that weren’t exactly relevant for our degree.

To conclude the experience that we lived there was rewarding. We enjoyed our time at Utrecht University as well as the parties and discoveries with the international students we met there.


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