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From April 27 to 29, third -year EPITA students were able to meet the enterprises that came to the campus to offer internships.

Meetic, Accor Group, TF1, Safran, Societe Generale, Court of Audit of France and other companies from various sectors, came to introduce themselves to first year Epiteans during the Speed Dating Week, studded with individual appointments to key internships.

Software companies, startups, telecom operators, and major industrial accounts offered positions of such as web developer, mobile application developer, web analyst, technical consultant, system and network administrator, community manager, as well as assistant project manager.

Qualities such as versatility, technical skills, adaptability and passion of EPITA students are the main reasons for the attractiveness of Epiteans with enterprises and their success as professionals.

Watch the event video with Laurent Trébulle, Director of Careet Services at  EPITA, Luc Panthin, IT Project Manager at TF1, Cedric Le Dressay, President of Eugen Systems and Akim Demaille, Chief Software Architect.


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