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EPITA’s global community extends beyond the International Masters as most students in the 5-year Engineering Program study or intern abroad for a minimum of one semester.


Jérémie Bensimon, EPITA ING2 student, went for a 5-month study abroad period to the Netherlands via the Erasmus exchange program. He speaks about his experience…


I joined EPITA in 2006 in InfoSup. After 4 years at EPITA, I wanted to have an experience in another school. That is why I decided to do my international experience through an Erasmus mobility. I chose the Netherlands because that’s a country I never visited before and the curriculum offered at Hanze University Groningen was a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in IT Management and in English since the whole curriculum is in English.


I stayed 5 months in Groningen. I improved my knowledge about ITIL and discovered many other management methods.

The curriculum contains a lot of projects, generally in cooperation with well-known Dutch companies (Philips, KPN…). Teams of 5-6 members conducted the projects. The classes were really international with students from many countries. That point is important because it allowed me to know how people with different national and cultural backgrounds work. Our teachers were great and very available when needed. Some cultural trips organized by the school allowed me to visit a windmill or discover Groningen museum.


I learned a lot about ITIL and how to manage a team. Many things I learned are useful for my current studies at EPITA (TCOM) and that is a big advantage compared to the other students. 


About the cultural aspect of my Erasmus period, I really enjoyed the town. A lot of students live there, so you can go out every night. There are a lot of pubs. The most difficult for me was to adapt to the food. Dutch students have a totally different way of eating.


To conclude, I would say that my Erasmus period was a great experience on a human and instructive point of view. I would recommend to everyone who wants to improve his/her skills in management to choose the ITSM curriculum at Hanze University Groningen. 

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