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Two EPITA Students Distinguished in “Smart TV Challenge”

To celebrate the launch of its new range of televisions and Blu-ray drives, Samsung has encouraged the development of applications for the general public through its European competition “Smart TV Challenge”. The competition, held from September 28, 2010 to January 14, 2011 in England, Germany and France, involved 500,000 Euros to be distributed among the creators of the best applications in each country. A jury of professionals made the selection based on criteria of quality and originality of the idea, attractive graphics, design and functionality.

In France, two EPITA students, Melanie Paziault, a student of the major Multimedia and Information Technology (MTI) and Dorian Corompt, majoring in Computer Engineering and Real Time System (GISTR) , won the third prize for their application “Sticky App” received a 7,500 Euros award.

The two Epiteans were distinguished among many participants, including teams of professionals already in the world of web, whether Ankama, Wikipedia, VDM or Akinator … “In all, Melanie and me, who are working on this application since October, have spent about 150 hours each to develop. Melanie dealt specifically with the design and conception while I focused more specifically on development and coding,” said Dorian.

An application to change the negative image of TV

According to Melanie, it was the innovative nature of their application that won the support of the jury: “Sticky is an educational game designed to debunk the negative image of television that parents usually have for what their children watch. The application cleverly combines leisure and contemplation, fun and learning. Inspired by the Tamagotchi and Pokemon, stickies are fun and lovable little monsters. Once a sticky is adopted, the child must feed, care for, and lead it. The goal is to make it grow and evolve to become wise & powerful so that it can defeat all opponents in a duel. To train the sticky, it is necessary to answer a series of questions belonging to the classical fields of primary and secondary level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, French and English. The more the child progresses, the more the sticky grows, and vice versa. Sticky is thus a true summer vacation workbook in the form of an interactive game. “


Dorian says: “Another interesting point in the application is its interactive nature that arouses competition among the children: the stickies can compete among themselves relying on their respective capabilities, or at standoff when random questions are asked simultaneously to two different breeders of stickies. “


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