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EPITA Expands Its International Network of Partner Universities

New agreements were signed between EPITA and universities in Canada and the United States. Starting this year, 6 students in their second year of preparatory classes had the chance of going on exchange at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC). Fabien Patou arrived in January and shares his first impressions: “Just arrived, we are seized by the cold: these few months in Chicoutimi will certainly surprise us. Just a few minutes to realize that we are on a continent of an infinite size: here everything is bigger than in France: from cars to cereal packets! First course, meeting with the Quebecois – Please do not call them “Canadian” at risk of being slapped on the wrist! It is with pleasure that they welcomed us and the pleasure is shared! Today is already gone, can’t wait for tomorrow! ”


Chicoutimi 1.jpgStarting next year, Engineering undergraduates can also go to Chicoutimi for an exchange and get a double degree. Partnership agreements were also signed with Brock University in Saint Catharines, Ontario in Canada and with Boston University in the United States. The latter is regularly ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by the American press and the Shanghai Ranking (74th in 2009).


2boston.jpgJoël Courtois, EPITA’s General Director, states “These new partnerships complement the already rich array of possible destinations for students. Signed with prestigious universities in North America, these agreements have more than one virtue: they offer our students the opportunity to study at the epicenter of the development of new technologies, and more importantly in an English dominated environment. On the other hand, this is a considerable human enrichment experience for student and helps them become more open and develop their ability to adapt.”


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