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In 2014, the majority of Internet access should be via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets …) using wireless networks. Indeed, the development of business mobility is growing and represents a great way to expand the access to information systems (access to services, applications, data …) for employees. At the general public level also, people are increasingly using their mobile phones for Internet access and services provided. This is why the students of the specialty MTI (Multimedia and Information Technologies) chose "Mobility: Challenges and New Uses" as the theme this year by for the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Conference .

The event was held Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 4:30pm at EPITA (Amphi 1). A round-table conference on the topic will follow around 7:30pm after the presentation of projects by the students. The conference was open to those fascinated by the Internet and web development as well as to those seeking new avenues for development of the digital economy.
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"The projects are as rich and varied as they were carried out in collaboration with companies such as SAP / BO, Omniture, Brainsonic, Alti … with the government and the participation of the Directorate General for Modernisation of the State (DGME ), the Internet unit of the Elysée, the Government Information Service, the Hôpital Broca, as well as start-ups and small businesses as Chapatiz,HotSpotYou, Askhall … The development of mobile applications and of RIA* had the spotlight this year. From a game development project aimed at people with Alzheimer’s disease, to that of distributing video online and on mobile, as well as the development of a mobile application incorporating social networking and survey, the RIA * and mobility are everywhere and can really simplify usage." Said Cyril Reinhard, head of the MTI specialty of the school.
What are the challenges for companies? What are the present practices and what will be new practices of tomorrow? A round-table conference was be offered to discuss the topic by sharing opinions and views of various stakeholders, including Bernard Benhamou, delegate to the uses of the Internet in the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Jimmy Barens, EMEA Solution Consulting Director at Adobe, Patrick Mareuil, Associate Director at ad4screen, Yann Casanova, Director Fidall, and PierreOlivier Chotard, Marketing Director – Salesforce.
* The RIA (Rich Internet Application) or rich clients are terms often used to describe all new types of interfaces, ergonomics or uses found on the Internet, meeting a common axis in the willingness to change uses and to make navigation even more intuitive. RIAs provide a host of new uses that are subject to limitations in the imagination of designers. Thus, the infinite uses of RIAs are going to revolutionize the Web of yesterday, to make it more accessible and intuitive, increasing the interactivity with the visitor. RDAs (Rich Desktop Application) are rich applications for the workstation.


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