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Name: Phuoc Dai Nguyen
Country of origin: Vietnam
Work experience: 1 Year
Specialization: Computer Security
"After completing my bachelors degree in computer science in Vietnam, I was interested in doing a Master’s course in the field of computer security in an international environment. I came across EPITA’s Graduate Engineering Program with specialization in computer security through their website and immediately applied for this program. As luck would have it, I got a scholarship from my country (Vietnam) for this program. My aim is to obtain more knowledge in the field of computer security and use this knowledge to serve my country. EPITA and France have so many technical advances to share with the rest of the world and I view this International Program as a means of distributing this knowledge. The teachers at this institute are very friendly and always ready to help. Being in Paris, communicating with French people in their own language is a challenging but enriching experience. This program is the platform for a real experience in an international and multicultural environment."
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