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Mehul Jain from Bangalore, India

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Name: Mehul JAIN
Country of Origin: India
Work Experience: 3.5 Years
"Having 3.5 years of professional experience in IT industry, I was looking for a course which aimed at providing sound knowledge of the fundamentals of IT strategic planning and IT implementation and organizational management. The International Master’s program at EPITA far-beyond exceeded my expectations by providing me the course I was looking for. The training methodology and course content by the experienced industry faculty were very good. The courses are well designed which caters the needs of todays dynamic IT environment. It is truly amazing to have teachers with over 20 years of professional experience sharing their knowledge and experiences with the students. There are also special training sessions like the French language course, Presentation skills, Interview and CV preparation which helped me build my soft skills. Overall, my experience with EPITA has been very positive and truly amazing."
Mehul’s professional experiences include a Senior Software Developer position at Accenture Bangalore.   
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