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On the eve of World Day against AIDS, the IONIS Education Group and affiliated schools held on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 a day of action.

AIDS is a gloWorld AIDS Day.jpgbal epidemic and to which no country or geographic region is immune. According to “Onusida” figures from 2007, 32 million people are HIV positive. In poor countries, however, only 1.3 million people are getting treatment.
The virus continues to grow: 6800 people per day are infected with HIV, that’s one person every 6 seconds. 95% of all cases are from countries with low or average income. 5,700 people per day die from AIDS.
Since the beginning of the epidemic, 25 million people have died from AIDS. Nowadays, 2.5 million children under 15 years old live with HIV.
To help contribute to research, for the fourth consecutive year, IONIS Education Group is working to fight the epidemic. Tuesday, November 30th, on the eve of “Sidaction” and the World Day of against AIDS, the group’s schools got together to heighten students’ awareness.
Highlights of the day were: information stands run by associations, lectures given by professionals and heads of associations, donations booths…
This day was sponsored by several partners, associations (Sidaction, Sida Info Service, CRIPS, AIDES …) and health organizations (SMENO, MGEL …).
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