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The adventures of a Mexican at EPITA

Thalia Crouz, a student from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico, tells about her exchange experience in the first year of engineering course at EPITA.

"I did my studies in IT from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. I always liked maths, sciences and computers. My good level at studies in general allowed me to do an international baccalaureate and integrate in this reputed establishment.

Before I left for EPITA, I was warned that the change would be significant, but I did not expect to have such a memorable experience. In Mexico, I was more left to myself, I worked a lot at home and I was accustomed to a less intense pace of work. The content of teaching was less focused on practicals.

The dip in the mythical "pool" upon my arrival in the first half was not the easiest, but was decisive. Coding during the night, having a school that never closed, working hard: these are the things that I did not know before, and that fueled my passion for computers; at the same time they led me to develop a great strength to work and a real ability to adapt.

That is why my Epitian experience was so revolutionary. Here I won a form of independence that I had never known, I changed the way to organize myself, I learned to work by myself. I finally integrated myself quickly, despite my level of French (I had been to Paris only twice for short periods of time), thanks to the attitude of other students, all nice and open to cultural exchange.

The second half was easy compared to the first. I now felt fully Epitian, I followed the course with ease, and I could get back in touch with dance – my second passion, thanks to the Salsa classes offered by Episport. While being back in Mexico, I would wish to return to France to finish my major in Artificial Intelligence and begin my professional life there. "

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