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Highlights of the early trends of hiring Alumni from EPITA called “Epitians” at the end of their academic defense work.

EPITA’s alumni don’t seem to know about the financial crisis. From the initial one third (or 85) of Graduation year 2010 students who did their defense before mid-July, 45% said they were already employed with three weeks remaining before the end of their internship. And in those 45%, 85% are in the company in which they did their in98375972.jpgternship.

There is a wide range of companies recruiting: the 85 students are accommodated in over 60 companies, including ITES companies like Capgemini or Sopragroup, software vendors like SAP Business Objects, or consulting firms as Solucom. Abroad, as before, the Californian company VMware took two interns who were subsequently offered a permanent position.

The average annual gross salary, excluding benefits, is stable at around 36,000 euros, with an average of 2000 euros as extra benefits, or in other words € 38,000 annual average income.

These figures remain to be further refined for the entire 2010 class after the academic defenses are done in October 2010 and January 2011.

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