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Two Professors from EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science – France, Prof. Jean-François Perrot and Prof. Alexandre Duret-Lutz, left for India in early August to teach in the new facility.
The French State, along with IIT Kanpur, sponsored the founding of a new Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Rajasthan, and chose EPITA, alongside the Ecole Centrale, de Polytechnique, de Supélec and the Université Technologique de Troyes as contributors to the project.



Jean-François Perrot (top), Yvon Riou of Centrale Nantes (right, in blue) and Alexandre Duret-Lutz (right, in red) planting a tree for the beginning of the year ceremony.

It’s been two years now that the new IIT was founded. But it did not have its own means and was hosted by the University of Kanpur. IIT Rajasthan is now situated in Jodhpur, the second city of Rajasthan, in full expansion. The French partnership made it a reality today by introducing a French participation in education for the first semester 2010-2011.

Since August 2, the third year commenced and the French professors began to arrive. Among the dozens of professors from France, there are two EPITA lecturers: Jean-François Perrot, 59, polytechnic engineer, professor emeritus at the University Pierre and Marie Curie,and teaches in the Masters of Software Engineering, and Alexandre Duret-Lutz, 32, EPITA graduate and researcher at LRDE, the institute’s laboratory. They have been there since the beginning of August, and must remain there for at least 6 weeks of instruction on the 14-week semester. Jean-François Perrot will be teaching a course on principles of programming languages, and Alexander Duret-Lutz a course on algorithms and computation theory.
Meanwhile, it was planned to start PhDs (Doctorates) co-supervised by France. EPITA and other institutions participating in the project are invited to propose scientific topics in this regard. Doctoral students can come to France for up to a year, starting from January 2011. It was also planned to initiate the creation of centers of excellence in research: particularly for solar and renewable energy, computer networks and telecommunications, and new technologies in the health sector. These actions will be undertaken in partnership with companies and workshops are already underway.
Besides teaching, the French teachers and researchers involved in the teacher mobility program for next semester, will be invited to participate in the initiation of research, mentoring  of doctoral students, and a joint discussion on the creation of Masters of Technology and Research Masters  programs, scheduled to start in July 2011.

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