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Meet with Hatem ADAM, International student at EPITA

ADAM.pngHatem Adam is from Libya, has 5 year work experience and is enrolled in the Information Systems Management Specialization of the International Masters.

"I joined this program because all the subjects that were there in the curriculum matched my profile perfectly. I enjoyed studying business subjects like corporate finance, and technical subjects like algorithms. The multicultural aspect of EPITA is simply amazing. It’s a real asset knowing the French language if you want to know more about French people and French culture. This International Master’s program had students from other parts of the world and knowing how they work, what they think and what kind of strategies they use for solving problems is an experience in itself. The classroom teaching is advanced and there were situations in which self-innovation was required and it helped us to become more independent and efficient. People coming from my country (Libya) will have great time learning about technologies here and I am sure they will enjoy this experience."

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