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With 6 months of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree, Geovana Salvador, Bolivian student wanted to master in Software Project Management. She decided to join the Software Engineering Program at EPITA. She speaks about her experience…

“I wanted to focus on Software Project Management. While being at a French language institute in Bolivia, I came to know about the prospects of going to Paris and studying in a Graduate School of Engineering. I got good grades in my undergraduate studies and thus quickly obtained a scholarship for this Master’s Program at EPITA.
I am the first sponsored Bolivian student to be enrolled in an IT program in France. There is a great deal of depth and breadth in the Software Engineering program at EPITA, with various interesting subjects including innovation and change management. I am certain this course curriculum will provide any enthusiastic graduate with an excellent entry into a career in Project Management. It is a real career booster!

The professors here are well experienced in their field, and they brought real-life examples to the class and to our conversations. Thanks to this practical training and my knowledge of French language, I easily found an interesting and well paid internship in project management. I am very happy and looking forward to working as a project manager in this multinational company.”

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