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The merging of ecology with new technologies, Green IT is Information Technology for sustainable development.

On October 21, 2010 from 2 pm to 7 pm, the second annual conference will be organized on campus by EPITA on the theme of Green IT, which this year focuses on "software for sustainable development”.

Discussions will focus on the question of the usefulness of software in the area of trading carbon credits from greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), their assistance to the contemporary buyer who is environmentally "responsible", and their role in optimizing the "sustainable development" business strategy.


In  the afternoon, a plenary session and three round-table conferences will be organised. Each round-table conference will consist of around 4 participants, including the leaders of the major publishers, researchers and software users. It will be presented by an expert in the field.

The event will conclude with a cocktail, an opportunity for participants to meet the stakeholders and discuss their experiences.

Themes of round table conferences:

1st Round-Table: Software to monitor and reduce CO2 emissions

The Carbon Emissions Management Software (CEMS) – promises to have a bright future. It weighed 380 million dollars in 2009 and will grow annually by 40% until 2017. It will then reach 3 billion dollars. The round-table conference will ask questions such as: Who are the actors? What is the legal background? What are the main features of these tools? Are these tools  easy to deploy?

2nd Round-Table:  Software for green buyers

After Nike in the 90s, the scandals related to production conditions of manufactured goods have now reached all the companies. Recently, Apple and Microsoft were stigmatized after suicide committed  by  a  worker at a subcontractor (it being the 12th case). Despite the eco-labeling and ISO 26000, it is very difficult to inform suppliers on the criteria of sustainable development. The round-table conference will address issues such as: What are the tools that help buyers? How do they work? Are they up to the underlying social and societal issues?

3rd Round-Table: Software to monitor and control the SD strategy of the company

"One can improve only what one can measure," said the physicist Lord Kelvin. How to measure the actual effects of the Sustainable Development strategy of the company? How to track each action in time and seamlessly when it’s a big company? Are the available tools latest or not? Publishers and users will confront their views in this last round-table conference.

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