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Innovation Week 2022 encourages students to think outside the box

Innovation Week 2022 encourages students to think outside the box

The third edition of Innovation Week was held from 16 to 20 May, aiming to cultivate creative minds and develop the innovation capacity of international students in Master of Computer Engineering – Global IT Management and Master of Science in Computer Science – Innovative Information Systems Management programs.

Hosted by Dr. Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Chair of TC12 IFIP (Artificial Intelligence) at International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), the event has brought together six French and international speakers in AI, machine learning, information systems management and many other fields.

Insights from professionals experienced in innovation

The program started with Dave Russel, Engineering Manager at Meta – Reality Labs – Spark AR Studio, who spoke about how we can use AI & ML to solve complex problems.

On the second day, Jean FERRE, COO of Quandela, and Filipa CARVALHO, Quantum Application Engineer at Quandela, gave an overview of the current development of quantum technologies and explained how to get started with opensource software Perceval.

Following Quandela’s introduction of quantum computing was the conference of Noboru Konno, Professor of Tama Graduate School of Business, Ph.D. in Information Management. He elaborated a case study on Japanese Government’s Society and emphasized the need for societal innovation for the knowledge society and technologies.

On the same day, Antoine Bordes, Associate Team Lead Gameplay Programmer at UBISOFT Montpellier, expounded to students on gameplay, a term that refers to the design of the games, and the way players interact with them.

We also had the honor to welcome Anne Dourgnon, R&D Engineer at EDF, on campus. She talked about the virtual assistants for industry.

Last but not least, Amal El Fallah Segrouchni, Head of AI movement at International Artificial Intelligence Center of Morocco, joined us for the event and spoke about innovative applications of multi-agents systems.

Students apply they learnt to the search for innovative solutions

In addition to attending the seminars, students were given team projects and worked for five days over various topics. These include smart e-commerce, knowledge-based image search, future office, intelligence personal learning assistant, innovating Lebanon e-government, greening data center and intelligent marketing.

Students searched for innovative solutions to different challenges, having taken into account the insights they have obtained from the seminars. They have appreciated the opportunity to attend such a rewarding event.

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