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Ingénieuses 2022: EPITA’s 404Elles venture awarded the prize for the most original project!

Ingénieuses 2022: EPITA’s 404Elles venture awarded the prize for the most original project!

Begun last January, the 12th edition of the Ingénieuses operation ended Thursday, May 19, 2022, with a major awards ceremony held on the EPF Cachan campus (94). The spotlight was on EPITA, thanks to the 404Elles project led by Adrien Anton Ludwig, Margot Lord (class of 2023), Paul Murelli-Soullier (class of 2024), Alexandra Petit and Adèle Pluquet (class of 2023), all members of the Epitrophi association. Awarded the prize for most original project, 404Elles consisted of a road trip between Nîmes and Paris in order to teach numerous elementary, junior high and high school students about algorithms in a highly enjoyable manner!

The 404Elles team, accompanied by Claire Lecocq, Assistant Managing Director and Director of EPITA Paris, at the awards ceremony

Organized by the Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering, the goal behind the Ingénieuses operation is to promote engineering school projects and the inspiring academic and professional careers of women in order to highlight gender equality and the fight against stereotypes in engineering. This ambition echoes that of the 404Elles project which, for five days in May, saw its members travel through France in a Renault 4L and visit schools to present the engineering and IT profession in a new light by breaking down their sometimes false or negative preconceived ideas of digital technology!

Nearly 250 students won over by the 404Elles initiative

Adèle, Adrien, Alexandra and Margot were able to visit five different schools in Portes-Lès-Valence, Saint-Etienne, Dijon and Corbeil-Essonnes and meet with nearly 250 students, from fourth through twelfth grade. We really enjoyed ourselves,” said the team, who were delighted to have been able to offer numerous 1 ½ hour workshops with a view to providing students with a new perspective. It was fun to teach these students, even the youngest ones: we had to find the most accurate words, while holding their attention. We also met some great teachers who welcomed the project with open arms and trusted us with the content. Moreover, we received excellent feedback from teachers and students, as well as their parents! We hope that this will make them want to continue! As for us, we can’t wait to renew the experience!”

Hope for the future

Developed to show the new generations that women also have a major role to play in the IT and digital world, the 404Elles project will definitely be a long-term endeavor. Especially since, according to its creators, there is hope for greater future equality in this sector which, today, still cruelly lacks women in its ranks! “One of the best surprises that came out of this road trip is that the younger students hold no gender stereotypes regarding professions in the IT sector. This is proof that we must continue, ensuring that this mindset takes hold!”

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