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82% of EPITA grads (class of 2021) find full-time job after graduation: Survey

82% of EPITA grads (class of 2021) find full-time job after graduation: Survey

The first two questions many students ask when choosing a degree program are, “Will I get a job after graduation? How much will I earn?” A recent Graduate Employment Survey shows that EPITA answers well the questions.

82% EPITA graduates find a job

According to the 2021 Graduate Employment Survey, EPITA remains attractive to top employers. A total of 119 participants of the125 alumni who graduated in 2021 took part in the survey. It revealed that 82% of EPITA graduates were employed right after graduation, among which 88% obtain a permanent job position.

111 graduates came from the three Master of Science (MSc) programs—MSc in Computer Science, MSc in Artificial Intelligence Systems and MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy), while 14 of them from Master of Computer Engineering program

Yearly gross salary reaches €62,000

As the tech sector is booming, employers are willing to attract IT talents with handsome financial package. The average gross yearly salary of EPITA graduates in full-time employment is €39,500, with 9 students having a salary of over €45,000. The remuneration of most graduates falls into the range of €36,000 – €40,000.

EPITA graduates hired around the world

While the majority of our graduates, 80%, stayed in France to develop their careers, some of them chose to work internationally. The countries in which they have settled down are Belgium, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States.

How EPITA helps students get their career ready

We organize various events to help students to find an internship and a job at the end of their studies:

  • Careers Fair brings together companies, from large corporate groups to small and medium-sized enterprises, to discuss various job and internship opportunities in IT and engineering sectors annually.
  • Job Dating arranges 30-minute interviews between students and firms looking for interns and companies offering job opportunities for young graduates.
  • Conferences Week, held twice a year, invites companies to share their experience and present their newest applications. The 60 to 90 minute-meetings help students gain insight into the latest business trends.

To know more, get in touch with our International Programs team here.


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