Job events

Job events

The Business Forum for Engineering and Information Technology

A major EPITA event dedicated to companies in the engineering and IT sectors

The ideal opportunity for 4th and 5th year students from EPITA to meet diverse professionals on their campus, FEMII (forum for companies in the engineering and IT sectors) is one of the leading events for our future engineers who are looking for an internship or their first job after graduation.


A wide range of sectors

Service providers, software publishers, consulting firms, large consumers or major players from a variety of sectors (banking, distribution, hotel industry, aeronautics…) who have chosen EPITA to recruit the top individuals in the field to assist them with their digital transformation projects.


International reach

The Forum welcomes several foreign-based companies and regularly invites firms that are founded and run by EPITA-educated engineers.

EPITA also organizes other events throughout the students’ academic career.

Our aim is to help students develop and implement their professional project.

During their studies, students have a wide range of opportunities including meeting with former students to learn more about different professions, résumé workshops, speed-dating for the 4th year internship, and week-long events in which they meet with professionals from different firms.

We also organize meetings with professionals, from the class sponsor to visits of partner company facilities.

These numerous initiatives allow each student to speak with individuals from over one hundred companies, while studying at EPITA.


If you have any questions, please contact our Department of Corporate Relations: +33 (0)01 53 14 59 00